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To serve our clients with a high level

of integrity and quality of our services.


To become a leading organisation in

our areas of service delivery and to add value to our clients.


36 Years of Experience

CYRO M UKUNAKEKELA   is a Level 1 BEE African Based multi-service organisation which includes all the areas of Human Resource Consultancy, Empowerment, Entertainment and multi service trading service. This organisation was established to make a positive difference in people’s lives and innovatively find generative solutions of success through personal growth and development. 

We are striving to do this by stimulating the growth and development to make an impact and change in businesses and communities. We have a wealth of knowledge using our own talent and experience through our 36 years of experience in different focused areas of our business. 


Our Core Values






Effective, Efficient and professional services


Meet The Team

Our team of highly skilled individuals are motivated to ensure we provide only the highest quality services for our clients.

Charlene Miles

Founder and CEO

Chadwin Miles

Director: Finance and Trading

Chaslin Miles

Director: Engineering

Bernadette Miles

Office Manager


Charlene Miles

Charlene Miles is a Qualified and Experienced Human Resource Practitioner in all aspects of Human Resource Policy and Practices and

Implementation. Administration, Human Resource Planning. Many years of experience in Human Resource Training and Development, Performance Management and Transformation Field. She worked in great depth with dynamics of transformation in organisations and understand the complexity of working in Transformation and the challenges this presents. She also has a strong background regarding Strategic Management, People Development, and Policy Formulation. Implementation and Monitoring as well as Project Management. High level of interpersonal interaction combined with sound Problem Analysis Capacity. Also have a strong focus on mentoring and motivating people. She is managing events/projects in communities. She is also managing a jazz/gospel band called the “Phoenix Band”. Charlene also the founder of a NPO called “NOSTOP” Never Overthink Situations Transfer Opportunities Passionately.


·Honours in Public Management (HONSBPA) (University of Stellenbosch)

·National Diploma Human Resources Management (Cape Peninsula University of Technology)

·Post Graduate Executive Management Development Programme (NQF 7 and NQF 8) (University of Stellenbosch)

·Senior Management Programme (Western Cape Public Management Trust (University of Western Cape)

·Senior Executive Management Programme (University of Western Cape)

·Labour Law in the Workplace (university of Western Cape)

·Personnel Management (Administration and Commerce)

·Women in Leadership (University of Stellenbosch)


Consultant Network

Linda Brown



·Post Graduate Diploma (Business Administration) GSB (Graduate School of Business University of Cape Town)

·National Diploma Human Resources Management

·B Tech Degree Human Resources Management

·Executive Development – Women in Leadership (USB)

Linda Brown is a highly experienced HR professional with over 15-years’ experience in both local and international labour markets. Having managed HR teams and previously and part of the executive team, she is well versed in establishing and designing HR frameworks. Her experience in a wide range of industries including military defense,

manufacturing, FET training institution has given her unique insights into specific HR challenges each industry and business is faced with. She designed and developed several HR strategies aligned with business objectives within various industries. Established several HR departments from scratch and assisted local business start-ups with the design and establishment of a fully functional HR departments. She also designed, developed, and implemented various cultural change initiatives to improve employee engagement levels. Implemented several HR digital solutions including SAGE VIP Payroll and performance management tools, effectively digitalising core HR functionality. She was also responsible to designed and project managed large scale change initiatives, such as the redesign of an enterprises company values as a culture transformation initiative. Proven track record of establishing sustainable HR practices and providing legally sound employment advice, within both unionized and non-unionized workforces.


He is passionate about leadership and Management and has studied towards National Diploma Public Management, BA Honors (Development Studies), Post Graduate Diploma Management Practice and is an assessor, moderator and facilitator.


Tim is Managing Director and owner of SA Academy of Applied Competence Corporate learning and development Intervention Company. He has 19 Years of experience in the Human Resource Management & Development field. In his leadership capacity, he provides a strategic management of continuing and professional education to various organizations. He serves as coach and diversity inclusion key person in the public and private sector organizations in the national capital region and beyond. He also became responsible for developing and implementing a strong strategic vision, aggressively identifying and pursuing growth opportunities, managing resources, and overseeing the quality of program delivery. As a pre-requisite he functions as leader who partners collaboratively with other the tertiary institution administration and has had to comfortably deliver facilitated sessions on change management and organizational business etiquette and corporate image interventions. On an ongoing basis, Tim works closely with specialists to tailor-make content in a myriad of fields spanning from occupational health Safety, Business Administration, Leadership and People Management to meet corporate needs. Tim also champions key partnerships with content development leaders on areas such as neurolinguistics, employee engagement and instructional designers to operationalize priority initiatives.


She has since worked in a variety of disciplines including corporate, civil society, academia, development co-operation and holds a National Diploma in Public Management and Administration, Certificate in Coaching and Diploma in Coaching to mention but a few of her certificates.

Reflect Coaching Life Skills

Busi is the founder of Reflect Coaching Life Skills and her life-long learning started over a decade ago while in pursuit of her purpose for being. She got an opportunity to train as a Peace and Reconciliation facilitator with the Institute for the Healing of Memories in collaboration with the University of the Western Cape and soon after started facilitating workshops. Formulating her own inner transformative work made her realize how much she was in dire need of healing herself due to growing up without a father. Since then she has been in accompaniment with various groups of people in their journey of healing and seeking inner peace. Busi is passionate about individuals’ pursuit for meaning that translates to purpose in their life and she centres her work in supporting and walking those individuals in a values-based approach which navigates through one’s own values to live authentically and a fulfilled life. Busi has the ability to see life’s challenges as opportunities to potential and purpose and has worked with a great variety of individuals from all walks of life including prisoners, youth, community women, European women, professionals on every level, facilitating and coaching them on life and leadership journeys.


Network Partners


Frank Julie and Associates is an organisational development practitioner, activist, consultant, advisor and strategist. He is also an community-based development consultancy focused on building the leadership and management capacity of non-profits to deliver on their development mandates. We do this through collaborative learning, strategic dissemination of information and continuous support.


FHI 360 is a non-profit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solution.


Practitioner Coach | Leadership Development Facilitator | Soft Skills Trainer. Reflect Coaching Life

Our Social Responsibility

CYRO M UKUNAKEKELA is aware of the role it can play in the capacity building of organisations, youth, job creation and social upliftment through its programme initiatives and networks. We commit ourselves to serving our people in bringing change into their lives.

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